Libby Tutorial

Libby got a facelift!

We know things look a little different right now and our screenshots are now a bit dated, but Libby is functionally almost identical to the previous version. We will be updating the tutorial as soon as we can!

Who Is Libby and Where Are All the Books?!

Libby is the name of an app available for smart devices running iOS 9+ (get it from the Apple App Store) or Android 5.0+ (get it on Google Play). The Libby app is used to gain access to the Digital Library of Illinois, hosted by OverDrive.

For those of you that don't require as much help, click here for the short version.

How do I install an app?

Great question! Click here to find out!

What even is a "digital library"?

In addition to a physical collection of about 10,000 items that people may borrow, Newman Regional Library District also offers access to a collection of digital items. These are e-books and audiobooks that library patrons may secure for their own use at no extra charge.

E-books may be read on many different devices. A desktop computer or laptop, a smartphone or tablet, or a special purpose device such as an e-reader that only does books, such as a Barnes & Noble Nook or an Amazon Kindle. Downloadable audiobooks may be used in similar ways, such as by connecting the phone to the car or listening on your computer speakers.

Before you can start borrowing electronic books, however, we need to get the app set up.

On Good Terms (of Service)

This is possibly the most honest user agreement on the internet because you will not have to claim to have read the terms and privacy agreement to sign up. You already did that at your local library!

In fact, there is no agreement or account creation with Libby. There are no subscription fees or limited time offers or "free" trials. Everything you require to get started you already possess in the form of a library card!

Getting Started With Libby

There are a just a few steps required after downloading the app.

The registration process is painless. In fact, if you have a library card, you are already registered! Investigate this page to find out all about getting signed up with Libby from the first loading screen all the way to your digital library card.

Maybe you just like to do things your way. Maybe you just like to look under the hood and see what's going on in there. Visit this page to get your hands dirty with some options.

I'm ready already! Bring on the books! If you have a digital library card and are ready to put it to good use, this page is all about searching for books, placing holds, checking out, and more!

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