Checking Out

Seek, Find, Read

Here we will look at the steps of finding a book we want, and then actually getting our virtual hands on it!

For this example, we are going to search for a Stephen King book. At the top of the screen in Libby, there is a search function, just tap the magnifying glass and type in your terms, as shown.

There's Stephen, listed as an Author. Just tap his name to proceed.

The results have given us a lot of options. On this screen you can scroll up and down to see the results of the search.

The first result shown here, Carrie, has a great rating and is currently available. You can tell because it says Borrow next to the book, instead of Place Hold.

Tap Borrow to lay claim on this title.

The next screen will show the terms of the loan from the library and which library card you are using. Here it shows we are borrowing Carrie for 21 days using the Digital Library of Illinois card.

Tap the large Borrow! button to proceed.

Libby will indicate that you have borrowed the book. Note the small notification on the Libby icon in the upper right corner of the following image. This is one way Libby can alert you.

If you tap Manage Notifications on this screen, you will be taken to the Notifications menu to adjust your preferences.

Next, you can choose where to read your book if you have not already chosen an option in Preferences.

If you choose Libby, your book will be downloaded to your phone to be read right in the same app you used to find it.

If you select Kindle, you will be taken to Amazon to complete your transaction.

The first thing you might see is a download page for the Kindle app. Go ahead and install it.

If you already have it, you should be taken instead to to retrieve your book as seen in the following images.

Just select your target Kindle app or device in the dropdown menu and tap the yellow Get Library Book button to receive your free book. As shown here, my book will be sent to my Paperwhite. Of course, if you are using Kindle, it will also be available in all Kindle apps after a quick download.

Ready to check back in?

In the following page, you can learn about managing your bookshelf and returning items early. Click the Managing Loans button below to check it out.

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