Managing Loans

Okay, you finished with your book. Now what?

Well, you could do nothing and your items will be returned when due automatically. If people are waiting in line, however, it might be nice to return them early.

To return your books, open up Libby and tap Shelf at the bottom right of the screen. Here you may access all of the items you have checked out, on hold, or items you have tagged.

On any item you are currently borrowing, you may tap the Manage Loan button to access the menu.

In the menu, you may tap Return Early to remove the item from your device(s) and make it available for others to enjoy.

Libby will show you a confirmation screen that states the title of the item and the name of the lending library, and shows a images of the item and your virtual library card. This gives you an opportunity to change your mind.

Simply tap the large button at the bottom of the screen to return your item.

Once complete, Libby will display a notification screen verifying the return of the item and offering some links towards the bottom to suggest places you might like to go next, such as back to your Shelf or maybe returning to the front page.

Reading Journey will show your time with the item. This can be seen at the top of the page for each item you have borrowed.

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