Like many apps, Libby has a series of notifications to alert you of different events with regards to your books. Libby allows fine grained control over what sorts of events will cause which kinds of communications, either a visual indicator or a typically noisier sort of pop-up. They can also be silenced, if you so wish.

To access the notifications menu, first you will need to tap the small Libby icon in the upper right corner of the app.

This will slide out the menu shown in the following image.

To manage your notifications for the Digital Library of Illinois, tap "Manage Notifications" on the virtual library card.

To close this menu, tap "Hide" in the upper right corner.

For more information about the other options seen here, see the Preferences page.

On the notifications menu, you may customize the way that Libby lets you know things like when your book loan is about to expire or when a held item becomes available.

In the preceding image, it shows there are three, color-coded options available for each type of announcement.

Notifications appear like the notifications for other apps do on your device. They will alert you no matter what app you are using at the time.

Menu Badges are small dots that appear on the menu icon in Libby. When you open Libby, check for a dot.

Ignore allows you to silence some or all notifications.

Please note: the notification options on your phone may override some settings.

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