General Policy

The Newman Regional Library District shall provide tax-supported service to all persons residing within the corporate limits of the library district. It shall have as its basic objective the provision of professionally selected materials and information which aid the individual or the group in the pursuit of education, information or research, and in the creative and recreational use of leisure time.

Educational service to adults and to children, both as individuals and as members of organizations, is a primary function of this library; consequently, the library shall pursue an active program of leadership and cooperation with other agencies in encouraging the use of significant material representing all points of view and the preservation of historical resources pertaining to the surrounding area.

The library’s materials budget will be allocated to resources that support these roles in accordance with established guidelines. In meeting its objectives of providing recreational material, the library shall encourage such use of leisure time as will promote the personal development and social well-being of the library patron.

Revised: October 30, 2002