Travel and Conference Policy

At the Director's discretion, attendance at workshops, library association conferences, and other professional meetings is allowed. Although the Board and Director encourage attendance at professional meetings and conferences, the needs of the Library shall have priority.

Within its budgeted ability, the library may provide assistance toward such expenses as dues, registration, travel, and other expenses incurred through attendance. The Library will rotate attendance among the staff and Board as far as possible. Other factors which may be used in determining the extent or appropriateness of Library support are membership in the sponsoring professional organization, committee membership, leadership in the organization, and pertinence of the meeting to the employee's Library responsibilities.


For approved travel to ILA, System, and State Library meetings and conferences by staff, Director, or Trustees, 100% of reasonable airline or train fares, mileage, shuttles, and parking will be reimbursed. Mileage will only be reimbursed at the rate of trips originating from the Library if it is less than mileage from home.

When overnight stay is required or advisable for staff, Director, or Trustees, 100% of reasonable rates will be reimbursed at the single rate. Accompanying spouses or non-staff must pay additional expense above the single rate.

For meals while in attendance out of the area, a per diem is allowed as follows: $25 per diem or $35 for major cities. Partial day claims will be based upon the following approximate rates: $4 for breakfast; $6 for lunch; $15 for dinner. Per diem may be paid in advance. Please give the Library office ample time to issue the check. Receipts must be kept and presented to the Library within one week of the return home. Any unused money must be refunded to the Library. All receipts for travel, hotel, and meals must be turned into the Library office for reimbursement.

Revised: June 21, 2023