The Newman Independent Newspaper Archive

This is the archive of the Newman Independent newspaper. These PDFs are created from scans of the original archives placed on microfilm stored at the Newman Regional Library District. These high quality scans may take a moment to download completely. If it looks blurry, it isn't fully loaded yet. Please be patient.

The folders are named as follows:
NewmanIndependent_YYYYMM-YYYYMM where Y is the year and M is the month of the issues contained in that folder.

The individual PDFs are named as follows:
NewmanIndependent_YYYYMMDD where Y is the year, M is the month and D is the date of that issue of the newspaper.

The folders listed below will open in Google Drive where you may view and download the individual issues. In order to search in Drive you must be logged in to a free Google account. Click here for instructions on making a Google account.

See below for more information about searching the archive.

Please note that while the newspaper was founded in 1874 the earliest available issues included here begin in 1887. The first thirteen years of the newspaper have been lost. Additionally there are some issues between 1923 and 1930 where some years are mixed together and issues missing from the 1970's. This was due to the condition of the original archives and the order in which individual issues were committed to microfilm.

Searching the archive is dependent on technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR is far from perfect. You should consider the searchable text to be a starting point. There will be errors, especially in places where the scanned text is particularly light or dark or the scanned page was damaged. Characters may also have been misinterpreted, such as exchanging 1 (one) for l (lowercase "L"). While effort was made to have the best transcript possible, computers can make mistakes.

Please contact the library with any questions or concerns regarding this archive.