Vacation Policy

Employees who work a weekly average of at least 25 hours per week will be considered full-time employees. Paid vacation time for full-time employees will be earned at the following rates:

After one year - 2 weeks (60 hours)

After five years - 3 weeks (90 hours)

Earned vacation must be taken on a yearly basis with the year beginning on the employee’s anniversary of employment. Vacation time must be scheduled with the Librarian taking into account each employee's preference, then arranging as equitably as possible. If a conflict should arise, work record and length of employment with the Library shall be the deciding factor. The Librarian's vacation must be scheduled with the Board.

As vacation is a purposeful, restoring occasion, each employee who qualifies should take all earned vacation. Vacation time may not be accumulated. Cash payment in lieu of vacation is in direct contradiction with the purpose of vacation leave. Unused vacation time will be forfeited. Payment may not be taken in lieu of time off. Upon separation, the employee is entitled to a prorated cash amount of earned vacation leave.

Revised June 21, 2023